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When the creative mood takes hold, there's no stopping us. And there's nothing better than a good decorating session to free up our inner artist.

The uni-ball Paint marker is designed to deliver vibrant colour in waterproof ink on any surface, so dig out items in-need of loving attention and get going!

Available in black, gold, silver, white and yellow, the pen's extra fine 0.8mm nib acrylic bullet nib delivers a crisp, clear line so you can whip up the most intricate of designs.

This amazing marker enables you to make permanent ink designs on paper, glass, metal, plastic, wood, fabric and stone. And you can make your marks secure in the knowledge that your work will last, and it's safe to use. The Super Ink is heat resistant, water resistant and fade proof and contains no sulphur or silicon.

This oil-based marker is great for artists, students and anyone who wants to make a lasting mark.