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Every home should have a set of Uni-Chalk Markers - brilliant when you need to pull something out the bag for a party and handy for practical stuff too.

The uni-ball Chalk Marker writes on and wipes off non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, chalkboard painted walls and glass. They are a first rate tool for decorating, making signs and writing temporary labels.

These markers are so good that bars and restaurants use them everyday. So get the same professional look for yourself.

Make any gathering super special with personalised notices, table numbers, favours and party pieces. Use the markers for seasonal soirees such as Xmas, Halloween and Easter parties, and wipe off when you're done.

They are rain resistant so are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but can also be easily removed from non-porous surfaces using a damp cloth.

These pens are great for updating gift wrap. They are also handy for gardening, allowing you to mark up labels and pots. And why not use the pens to unleash your creative side on chalkboard painted walls?

Available in a wealth of vibrant colours, the markers are perfect for writing on non porous chalkboards, chalkboard labels, windows, metal, plastic, glass and any other non-porous surface. 1.8 - 2.5mm bullet tip makes this pen a great all-rounder, good for hand lettering and bold, robust drawings.