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Thanks to the new Select switch you will always have great-tasting coffee. You can choose to switch on the ‘half a jug’ button which allows for a slower brewing time and gives you that full-flavoured coffee, even with just a few cups. This makes the Moccamaster KBG Select - Yellow Pepper is the perfect coffee machine to enjoy full jugs of coffee as well as just a few cups.


  • Power 1,520 W
  • Weight 2.8 kg
  • 100cm Cord lead
  • Automatic shutdown after 40 minutes
  • Handmade in The Netherlands under strict quality control
  • 9-hole stainless steel outlet arm for efficient wetting of the coffee grounds
  • Perfect brewing temperature of 92° to 96°C: less sour or bitter taste. At this temperature, the water dissolves the aromatic oils resulting in an ideal balance between sweet and bitter
  • Fast and silent brewing process: 10 cups within 6 minutes
  • Jug lid with mixing tube for homogeneous coffee
  • Brew basket with automatic drip stop
  • The brewing element switches off automatically after brewing
  • Extra fire prevention: the brewing element switches off when the brewing is finished. The hot plate works independently.
  • High-quality copper brew element.
  • High-quality recyclable materials, BPA free
  • Removable parts easy to clean and easy to be replaced
  • SCA & ECBC certified
  • 5 years warranty


Dimensions: H:39.0 x W:17.0 x D:32.5 cm

Colour: Yellow

Guarantee: 12 Months

Model Number: 53815

Product Range: KBG Select (Yellow Pepper)