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Ergonomic design
The Torretta Soft Fabric ™ is the next in the series of Torretta chairs by Arozzi! Arozzi's distinctive ergonomic design makes it easy to use this chair for extended periods on your back and posture. It is equipped with 2 soft support cushions: A lumbar cushion for your back and a headrest cushion to support your neck and head.

Robust upholstered furniture material
The breathable material is designed to keep the body cool for long-term use, so you can stay focused! The durable fabric is also designed for a long service life with ISO-tested properties such as tear resistance, seam slippage, and tensile strength. Another additional advantage of the fabric is how quiet it is and does not produce any friction noises like leather armchairs.

Lean back steeply
Recline the backrest in 4 ° lockable steps, which reach up to 165 °. Find the right angle for you that fits your body and posture!

Multi-dimensional armrests
3-dimensional padded armrests. Increased adjustability gives your forearms and elbows support and comfort while you work or play hard for a long time.

Rocking function
The chair can be locked or unlocked in a fixed upright position to tilt freely back and her in a rocking motion of up to 12 °. Use the voltage adjustment wheel under the seat to adjust the desired resistance.

Highlights & Details
Robust upholstered furniture material
3-dimensional armrests
Rocking function that tilts the seat and backrest up to 12 °
Robust metal frame that holds up to 100 kg


two-year manufactures warranty on all Arozzi products.