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The Arena Fratello is next in line for the Arozzi’s Gaming Desk series!

Arozzi’s smaller Gaming Desk now comes in the same successful curved design as the original Arena Gaming Desk.

Measuring at 45 in x 30 in x 28.5 in, the Arena Fratello is ideal for those living in an apartment or smaller spaces! This new gaming desk is covered with a full-surface desk mat that is crafted with water-resistant microfiber and has an anti-slip rubber bottom. The interchangeable machine-washable table mat has 3 cut-outs for monitor attachments as well as a top-of-the-line cable management system featuring a tight mesh basket underneath. Supported by steel legs and an MDF board, the Arena Fratello will upgrade your setup and cable management skills in an ergonomic style!


Height 72.5cm


Depth 76cm


Colour: Pure Black

EAN: 850009447630